Acupuncture is a treatment mode that is practiced in China and many other Asian countries. It is performed by inserting either metal or heating needles into the key points (specific acupuncture points) on the human body to balance the universal energy ‘Qi’ consisting of Yin and Yang forces, thus assisting healing and preventing diseases.Acupuncture was developed around 5, 000 years ago and is known for about 300 years in the West. Nowadays, the method is widely used all over the world. Acupuncture does not only show good results of treatment, but it also serves as an excellent prophylactic. Moreover, it can be used as an “anesthetic.” It is also very important that this method of treatment practically does not create side effects, but it promotes mobilisation of the body defenses and enhancement of its adaptative and compensation abilities.Whatcanacupuncturetreat?Acupuncture is successful in the treatment of a multitude of conditions at the functional stage, that is when abnormal changes are reversible and surgical interference is not required. For instance:different pain syndromes, psychosomatic disorders, psychoemotional disorders, sexual dysfunction, excess weight, smoking cessation, alcohol dependence and many others.I guarantee qualified professional help, taking an individual approach to every patient.